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DVFX 4th Semester Project / Cheolo

The Crowds in the Field


I made a few crowds simulation before like this,

and this.

However, these shots were not a typical human crowd simulation, and I build my own setup for these shots.

Therefore, for this time, I’ll try to make a typical crowd simulation in a typical way to show I can do all kinds of crowds simulation tasks.


People in the ground is walking along the path, but avalanche or other kinds of disaster occurs suddenly, so they start to avoid them in the chaos.



  • Winter
  • Snowy terrain
  • Perspective – Far

Mood Reference



Candidate – 01

Candidate – 02



  • People walking on the ground
  • Suddenly the avalanche starts
  • After people notify this situation, they start running
  • (If I want more) Dragon is coming and breath on the ground

Material to prepare

  • Ground Footage
  • 3D Snowy Terrain
  • Numerous Crowd Rig with Rag
  • Avalanche FX
  • Fog
  • Cloudy sky
  • (If I want more) Blizzard ot snowy weather
  • (If I want more) Dragon with rig or Animated
  • (If I want more) Dragon Breath FX 
  • (If I want more) Dragon Saliva FX


  • Good Tracking
  • Good Terrain
  • Rigged human model set (walk slowly and running)
  • (If I want more) Dragon model

Technical aspect

  • High Quality rendering of Height field output
  • High Quality additional snow details for snowy mood
  • Good angle strategy for low quality crowd
  • Avalanche simulation with Grain Particle or Vellum Particle (Chunk)
  • Tweak Controlling about the crowd to make people runaway
  • Good Integrating snow or Blizzard
  • Good diffuse lighting for snowy mood

Strategy for making them easier

  • No Trees
  • Make them without render (flipbook)

Feedback Note v.001

  • In the case of crowd simulation, the flipbook will be allowed, if the main purpose of this shot is to show my technic that controlling the crowd, can be.
  • Atom is a good plugin for crowd simulation. It supports Houdini also and they have a student version.
  • 8~9 variations of people will be good to be mixed.

Mock Test

  • I tested tweaking the motion
  • Understand the structure of the agent system for the crowd simulation.


  • Winter Terrain
  • Avalanche available
  • have a solid path

Scene Setup

Human size check

Shadow check

Crowd sample Layout Test

Mountain Test render & Slap comp

Adjust the Lighting

Test Flipbooks

Rendering & Compositing

I’ll keep uploading if I have more updates.

Thank you for watching!

VFX Project – Cheolo Cho

The Magician

Concept (Estimation)

Main Idea: A Magician is trying to show the magic with swirling rocks(debris)




  • Swirling rocks (Should be rendered)
  • Will use Houdini
  • Simulation :

Will Use RBD system with packed rocks

Plan B: Particle system and copy (should try to avoid colliding with each rock)

  • Additional plan (More option, if I can afford it)

Try to make a shape like a sphere of a cube for a moment with switching Suction node in the Dop network

  • Shading and Rendering

Mantra or Arnold in Maya (Optional)

  • About Dummy

I’m not sure, a test needed.

Possibility about the dummy hand for holdout or interaction(may not that much)


  • Will use Syntheyes for 3D tracking
  • If it will be hard to track at once with outside over the window, I’ll track with nuke over the window. Then I’ll track the window frame only for 3D Tracking

Matte Painting

  • There are two options, 

1-replace all the background over the window

2-replace or add few buildings over the window

  • May 3D projection will be used (not sure)
  • The buildings on the concept will be changed
  • If the matte disturbs the reflection of the window, I have to replace the window with 3D or 2D.


  • I have to remove the small bulb on the footage.
  • (Optional) if the matte painted buildings are invading the Magician, I have to make a roto for him
  • (Optional) if the FX materials invade the hand, I have to roto for it.


Inspired (mood, Dynamic moving)

Swirling stones



The planning is working also on the link below:




Sphere Animation – For outline

Render Test


Still Frame


Integrated with footage

There was a change with the main material

so this is

v002 – still image

Simulation Outline




Test 1 Frame Render




Sample 1 frame that for remove flying bulb




Sorry, I’ll take more time to reinforce it in the vacation…